Sunday, October 18, 2009


Though anger at my primary abuser and those collusive with him was my motivation at the time of the original posting of this blog - it is no longer. It is now my desire to alter perceptions about extreme forms of sexual abuse, incest and ritual abuse. I wish to provide a forum for healing, recovery and awareness. Regardless of how evolved many consider themselves to be, revulsion at disclosure of sexual trauma clearly indicates that blaming the victimized rather then the victimizer is still socially more palatable. Scapegoating the raped for what they were wearing persists despite advances in other societal perceptions. Although racism, homophobia and abuse of those with cognitive impairment are considered abhorrent by the vast majority, political correctness affords no respect or compassion for those assaulted in the most heinous of ways.

Regarding trauma, the zeitgeist of 2012 is as it was in the 50's - the "don't name it, get angry about it or voice it" preference has remained in stasis. Society's tacit disapproval persists in promoting secrecy and shame rather than anger, empowerment and freedom. Holocaust survivors are afforded a reverence for the brute strength required to endure the unendurable, and yet no such parallel exists for victims of crimes at least equally as egregious. Our pain is still met with distaste, revulsion and condescension despite the unfathomable power we have displayed in maintaining our humanity against all odds. If the day ever comes when there is a warranted reverence for this strength, as a society we may well be on our way to healing ourselves and the planet. My name is Roberta (Robin) Jones - I grew up in Hamilton, Ontario and I am healing myself from the crimes of incest, and ritual abuse.